Success stories

Katharina Glatt and Andreas Scholz

Franchise partner, Korneuburg

paul langeder

Paul Langeder

Franchise partner, Salzburg

The restaurateur Paul Langeder runs the Parkcafe Schloss Hellbrunn in Salzburg full-time. Alongside his main job, he also runs several Storebox locations in Salzburg together with his Storebox business partner Raphael Reifeltshammer. They are already planning further locations, since they still have a lot of plans for their region. Paul has been a member of the Storebox family since 2018. After one year, he takes stock and remembers the beginnings of his Storebox partnership.

The Storebox franchise system offers a fully digital solution to problems that I, together with my current business partner Raphael, have continuously encountered in our environment. We had often talked about the imminent shortage of housing/storage space in urban areas before we had even heard of Storebox. The benefits of a franchise system as opposed to a sole proprietorship in the self-storage market were immediately evident to us: A strong brand, the online presence and the digital storage system, the targeted marketing and of course the experience of the franchise headquarters.
Very good!! It really is a genuine partnership! We maintain constant contact with the headquarters in Vienna – any of our questions or requests for help are answered incredibly quickly. Excellent service and support in all self-storage situations. Now, after just about twelve months of working together, we are very satisfied with what we have achieved so far and are highly motivated for the future.
The support we received as a Storebox partner was very good right from the start. We received immediate feedback on our property proposals. Once we had agreed on a property, the surroundings were also subjected to a professional site analysis. The personal assessment of the properties and the experience of the entire team were very valuable.

Of course, there are all kinds of stumbling blocks on the road to a properly functioning site. First, it is important to find a location where certain parameters such as price per m², location, size,... fit! Accessibility by car and parking spaces were also very important aspects for us in Salzburg. You also need to feel comfortable with the landlord, as it is a relatively long rental period.

Regarding bookings and occupancy, you have to be aware that there are seasonal fluctuations here as well – that’s part of the business – sometimes you have to take the initiative. By organising an event or doing some advertising amongst local businesses, you can already make a big difference.

The franchise headquarters also supports us with a detailed analysis of the market environment, user behaviour on the website and many other tools to increase the traffic on our location website and to attract new enquiries and potential customers. Up to now, we have been able to overcome every obstacle together!

Experience in property will help, of course! Apart from that, you can easily manage if you have a good feel for the city you live in. Having a good network of friends or businesses to rely on and a healthy dose of business savvy is definitely an advantage.
We can absolutely recommend the Storebox franchise concept! It’s a bit like a blueprint or set of instructions on how to approach the topic of self-storage and for that reason we can only recommend it to anyone who is interested in this subject and wants to become self-employed in this area.
As a strong franchise partner within an established brand that is really stirring up the self-storage market in Salzburg.

Holger Böhle

Franchise partner, Bonn

richard prinz

Richard Prinz

Franchise partner, Vienna & Linz

Richard considers his franchise partnership with Storebox an investment in his future - he is convinced of the success of the concept: “Affordable living space is becoming increasingly scarce everywhere and consequently the demand for urban storage space is guaranteed to continue to skyrocket over the next few years.”

He embarked upon his search for a suitable property as soon as he had officially decided to partner with Storebox. “You have to invest a bit of time!” So he walked around in areas that were interesting to him, searched on property sites online and reached out to his personal and professional networks. But Storebox itself also supported him. “Storebox headquarters took care of the entire systematic analysis of the location’s potential, but they also helped me in my search.”

However, the support of the franchise managers does not end once the location is up and running. Self-employment is thus easily manageable alongside a full-time job and family life. “Most customer enquiries are handled directly by headquarters; if there’s something I need to do, then I’m informed about it.” Viewing appointments with customers on-site can be individually scheduled by Richard and there are also technical options for emergencies – he can generate a visitor code for the customer and then he guides them through the Storebox over the phone.

Richard’s advice to anyone interested in franchising is to go with your gut feeling first and foremost. “The transition to self-employment is usually not an easy one, but I don’t think it could be much easier than with the Storebox franchise concept. There' s a detailed plan that you can follow”. For him, mutual trust between partners, support and working towards common goals make franchise systems the perfect way to venture into the world of self-employment.

Christian Melcher

Franchise partner, Frankfurt

daniel einy

Daniel Einy

Franchise partner, Munich

Daniel Einy is CEO of the online marketing agency “”, was Storebox’s first franchise partner in Germany and is already a multi-unit operator in Munich. In an interview, he reveals why he chose Storebox, his ambitions and what he would advise prospective franchisees.

The Storebox franchise system offers a digitised solution to problems that I have constantly encountered and experienced in my own environment. The benefits of the Storebox system are very clear to me: the modest investment enables a quick return on investment – in addition, the concept offers agile scaling options with low risk. As a franchise system for a part-time business, the Storebox concept was ideal for me, as it can be combined very well with the marketing agency I own.
The relationship between me and the franchise headquarters is a genuine partnership. Whereas I ensure that tasks are completed as quickly as possible on site at my Storebox location and am also responsible for local marketing, headquarters on the other hand, supports me in day-to-day processes, as well as in location planning and throughout the opening phase. In addition to access to and training in Storebox's IT infrastructure, the ongoing customer care from headquarters is a crucial and permanent source of support for me. From the booking to the termination process, everything is handled by the franchise headquarters. This allows me to concentrate fully on my main job.
I think that the crucial point is the stage of searching for an appropriate property, where active and quick action is required. I like to think that I did quite well in this respect, as I was constantly on top of new properties on the property market myself and responded quickly to suggestions and offers from headquarters. As a result, I was able to secure a lucrative business location very quickly in Munich, a city with very expensive property prices.
Storebox is the ideal partner for anyone in employment, living in an urban environment and looking to get into self-employment. In a rapidly growing system of franchise partners, I am happy about every new addition to the franchise family, as every additional partner and every additional location strengthens the brand and the company and benefits both the franchise headquarters and each individual franchise partner.