What start-up costs and investments are required?

Storebox has laid the foundation with a sophisticated concept and an established brand. This is the basis on which we both grow together. To benefit from the brand, technical infrastructure, Storebox online portal, marketing, ongoing support and consulting, franchise partners pay an entry fee as well as ongoing fees.

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Kick-off for self-employment

Storebox franchise partner fees are divided into the franchise licence fee, initial marketing and ongoing franchise fees.


EUR 30,000

Franchise licence, territory protection & technical integration

real estate

Secure your exclusive territory for your business location with optimised customer and territory protection. If you do not yet have a suitable location in view, we will support you with real estate acquisition – we plan your entire business location down to the very last detail. We will work together to create a layout and set-up plan. In addition, your site will be integrated into our infrastructure (website, app, intranet).



Launch marketing


A marketing campaign specifically tailored to your territory will be launched for your location. Online and offline measures are monitored by headquarters and optimized on an ongoing basis as needed. For this purpose, a budget of EUR 150 per planned compartment is earmarked in order to provide the best possible exposure for the site from the outset.

The investment costs for a Storebox location range from approx. 150 EUR/m². This includes any potential renovation work as well as the installation of the compartments, installation of the security systems (locking system, video surveillance cameras) and smart sensor technology.



Franchise fees

money bag

The ongoing franchise fee is 10 % of net sales. This is divided into three sub-areas.

Support fee 4 %

The support fee is used to cover initial and ongoing support provided by the franchise headquarters to the franchisee.

Marketing fee 4 %

These costs are directly invested in your marketing pool to implement further and ongoing marketing measures.

IT fee 2 %

The franchise headquarters operates a large IT department that is responsible for ensuring that all channels run smoothly.

Franchise systems – a comparison
  • Franchise licence fee
  • Ongoing franchise fee (*net sales)
  • Automatic invoicing system
  • Intelligent intranet
  • No backoffice required
  • No own personnel required
int. fastfood franchise system
  • EUR 35,000
  • 15 %
europ. fitness franchise system
  • EUR 40,000
  • 12 %

Starting your own business usually involves high costs, but often there are financing or support programmes available specifically for start-ups. Storebox cooperates with various banks and external financing service providers in Austria and Germany and can support you on your path to your own Storebox with the help of these contacts and networks.

Contact our expert team of advisors to find out how you can finance your start-up and learn more about a Storebox start-up in your desired location.

We will assist you in setting up your business, provide you with ongoing advice, and support you in steps such as the following:

phone bank

Establishment of bank contacts


Preparation of documents for banks

To obtain a loan to fund your own Storebox business, you will need at least EUR 10,000 of your own capital. Depending on the size of the Storebox, the total investment volume for your own Storebox starts at EUR 60,000. This is how you too can run your own business and open your own branch soon! Find out what the requirements are for becoming a franchise partner, or simply contact us directly.