In order to ensure long-term organic growth and a spirit of fairness towards all franchise partners, Storebox guarantees territorial protection. This makes it possible to establish multiple Storeboxes with different franchise partners, even in large cities, without competing with each other. Defined territory boundaries provide transparency and establish a level playing field for each new franchise partner. Territory protection also provides contractual security for both the franchise partner as well as the franchisor. Of course, each franchise partner is entitled to their own sales territory. This covers 30,000 inhabitants around one location. The exact definition of territorial protection varies from property to property, but ultimately always covers 30,000 inhabitants.
The total investment is always highly dependent on the location and size of your site. Experience has shown that the necessary investment volume is around EUR 60,000 to EUR 80,000. The indicated costs also include the franchise licence fee, as well as the development of the Storebox branch. Please contact our team of advisors via the contact form for more detailed information.
It is also possible to start your own business by obtaining funding from banks. Of course, each case is different, but you will need to have EUR 10,000 in equity. A bank's willingness to lend depends on many factors and often varies from one bank to another. Storebox start-ups can be also funded by KfW Förderbank. In Austria and Germany, we are also happy to put you in contact with our partner banks. We would be pleased to assist you in finding suitable funding opportunities for your Storebox!
Together with strong franchise partners, Storebox stands for modern self-storage close to our customers. We use state-of-the-art technologies to help create an optimum customer experience and ensure standardised and professional services in the field of storage. Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of digital media and digital marketing, we create a clear competitive edge. The Storebox franchise partnership is a close collaboration to achieve mutual business success.
Of course, no one has to sign a contract that they have not read thoroughly beforehand. As part of the application process, you will be given an insight into our franchise agreement and can also have it reviewed. The contract was also closely scrutinised in the course of the system check by the Austrian and German Franchise Associations.
The Storebox franchise concept is 100 % suitable for part-time self-employment. Even with a full-time job, there is still enough time for friends, leisure and family. The average workload is about five hours per week. However, not every week is the same - there are weeks when you only invest a few hours in your Storebox, and then there are weeks that are a little more time-consuming. Generally, however, you are able to organise your time freely.
The principal task of the Storebox franchise headquarters is to provide active and ongoing guidance and support to its franchise partners. In addition to the continuous development of the system, it also provides swift and expert support when it comes to dealing with the needs of the franchise partners. It also ensures optimally standardised business processes and offers comprehensive strategic decision-making aids, enabling franchise partners to concentrate on their core activities. As a franchisor, Storebox is responsible for the Storebox property rights, which also include trademark protection, territorial protection and customer protection.
Just like the franchisor, the franchisee is committed to active participation in the system. A one-time payment, known as the franchise licence fee, as well as the ongoing franchise fees of 10 % of net sales are paid every month in order to enjoy all the services provided by the headquarters. The franchisee then applies the Storebox franchise concept in line with the specifications. The franchisee acts as an independent business owner, operating on its own behalf and for its own account, notwithstanding its contractual obligations. The franchisee will be supported in all aspects of the business – from the signing of the contract to the ongoing operation of day-to-day business.
Our vision is to grow through our franchise system to become the largest and most innovative urban logistics network in Europe. We are currently already the market leader in local self-storage in the German-speaking region, which is also attributable to our franchise partners. In order to be able to offer a network of storage spaces with the highest possible coverage, we rely on our franchise partners who can establish their own Storebox with our support.