Your benefits as a franchisee


Proven concept & growing franchise system


An opportunity to work part-time & without employees


Low investment costs & quick return on investment


Booming industry & agile scaling


Personal advice & long-term support


Internal expertise & an extensive network

Part-time self-employment with Storebox

The step into self-employment not only demands courage, it also requires good preparation. To make this as safe and easy as possible, we offer a proven franchise concept with Storebox and are there to provide you with advice, help and support.

As an independent Storebox business owner, you can count on our highly experienced franchise headquarters. We have been able to accumulate a wealth of expertise with our own Storebox locations, and have had the chance to support franchise partners in their success stories. And now it’s your turn to benefit from this practical knowledge. Building on the Storebox network reduces your business risk and enables you to achieve personal success. To find out more, take a look at our factsheet or contact us directly.

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The Storebox franchise system – a comparison

Compared to other franchise systems, Storebox provides you with a very affordable and straightforward approach to setting up your own business. We will support you in all aspects such as site acquisition and planning, technical integration, controlling, online and offline marketing and sales, not only when you start out, but on an ongoing and sustainable basis. A personal advisor will tend to any questions you might have and an intelligent intranet provides you with effective 24/7 assistance. This all-in-one package makes it incredibly easy to break into one of the most appealing industries of the future – self-storage.

Franchise systems – a comparison
  • Franchise licence fee
  • Ongoing franchise fee (*net sales)
  • Automatic invoicing system
  • Intelligent intranet
  • No backoffice required
  • No own personnel required
int. fastfood franchise system
  • EUR 35,000
  • 15 %
europ. fitness franchise system
  • EUR 40,000
  • 12 %

The Storebox franchise system is expanding dramatically due to increasing customer demand as a result of the lack of space in towns and cities. And everyone benefits from this – you as an individual franchise partner as well as the entire Storebox franchise system!